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Car rental agreement

Car rental agreement

Car rental agreement

Car rental agreement (vehicle) must be concluded in writing, and if one of its parties (for example, the lessor) is a natural person, then such an agreement is subject to notarization (Article 799 of the Civil Code). Without notarization, such an agreement is null and void and has no consequences.

The vehicle rental agreement is certified regardless of the place of car registration.

Car rental agreement, documents

Documents that must be submitted to the notary for the execution of the Vehicle Lease Agreement in originals:

For a legal entity:

  • Statute or Founding Agreement of a legal entity;
  • A document (notarized power of attorney, protocol, decision) confirming the authority of a representative of a legal entity;
  • Protocol (Decision) on the election of the manager and the appointment order, and if a representative acts on behalf of a legal entity - a notarized power of attorney;
  • Minutes (Decision) of the general meeting of the legal entity on agreeing on the issue of signing a vehicle lease agreement, in which the essential conditions of the lease agreement are specified - the lease term and the rent;
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations;
  • The original passport of the representative of the legal entity and the identification number - the original or a notarized copy;
  • Seals of a legal entity.

For an individual:

  • Original passport;
  • Identification number – original or notarized copy;
  • The original of the marriage registration certificate (if the vehicle was purchased or rented during the marriage);
  • Statement-consent of the spouses to enter into a vehicle lease agreement, which must be notarized or the personal presence of the husband/wife at the time of entering into the agreement;
  • The original of the Certificate of Registration (vehicle).

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