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Heritage. Opening and management of the inheritance case.

Heritage. Opening and management of the inheritance case.


When grief comes to the family and a loved one suddenly dies, few people immediately think about the proper registration of the inheritance. The legislation defines a period of 6 months, during which it is necessary to apply to a notary with a corresponding application.

But life is unpredictable and it happens that the heirs miss this deadline for various reasons.
If the heir has not submitted an application for acceptance of the inheritance within the prescribed period, he is considered to have not accepted it. In case of missing the six-month period for accepting the inheritance, an additional period for its acceptance may be established with the written consent of other heirs who accepted the inheritance or on the basis of a court decision.

Documents for acceptance of inheritance

  1. Statement;
  2. Passport and identification number of the heir;
  3. Death certificate of a relative or deceased person;
  4. Certificate of the cause of death;
  5. The original will (if available).
  6. A document confirming family ties with the deceased.

Opening of inheritance case. Management of inheritance.

  1. Inheritance proceedings are initiated by a notary at the place of opening of the inheritance on the basis of the first application (message, telegram) submitted (or received by mail) on the acceptance of the inheritance, on the refusal to accept the inheritance, on the refusal of the inheritance;
  2. Applications for withdrawal of application for acceptance of inheritance or refusal of inheritance;
  3. Applications for the issuance of a certificate of the right to inheritance, applications of the heir to receive part of the testator's deposit in a bank (financial institution);
  4. Applications for the issuance of a certificate to the executor of the will;
  5. Statements of the executor of the will about refusal to exercise his powers;
  6. Applications of the second spouse for the issuance of a certificate of ownership of a share in the joint property of the spouses in the event of the death of one of the spouses;
  7. Applications to take measures to protect inherited property;
  8. Claims of creditors.

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