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drawing up and execution of wills

Will, drawing up and execution of wills
Will, drawing up and execution of wills

A will is made during a person's lifetime, and is subject to execution only after his death.

The fact of the testator's death is a condition for the will to take effect. The will of the heirs (to accept or not to accept the inheritance) is important only at the time of the testator's death and the opening of the inheritance. It is very important to make a will in such a way that in the future the testator's will will not be misinterpreted, and that the inheritance process takes place exactly as the testator wanted.

The will assumes a mandatory written form and certification by the relevant official. A will made by a person who did not have the right to do so, as well as a will made in violation of the requirements for its form and certification, are null and void.

The will is made in writing, indicating the place and time of its making, and must be personally signed by the testator. It must also be certified by a notary public or other officials authorized by law to do so (a doctor — in a hospital, hospital, other health care facility where a person is being treated, a ship captain — if a person is sailing, and others officials specified in Article 1252 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).

How to draw up a will?

  1. determine the persons who will become heirs;

  2. contact a notary;

  3. provide originals of passport, identification number, property ownership documents;

  4. get a will drawn up on a special form.

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